29 Oct 01: Protest the Israeli Assault on Palestinians & the American War on Afghanistan!
29 Oct 01: Protest Papa Bush!
9 Apr 02: Remembering Deir Yassin
14 June 02: Turn Your Back on Bush! (Press Release) (Flyers 1 & 2)
6 August 02: Hiroshima & Nagasaki Commemoration (Flyer; Handbill; "The Decision to Use Atomic Bombs"; & "Atomic Veterans and Nuclear Waste Transport to Yucca Mountain")
9 Nov 02: Ohio Anti-War Rally -- Stop the War on Iraq!
10 Nov 02: Not In Our Name National Day of Action
10 Dec 02: Human Rights Day Demonstration
20 Jan 03: Silence Is Betrayal -- A Peace March to Honor MLK (Flyer; Handbill; & Excerpts from MLK's "Beyond Vietnam" Speech)
27 Jan 03: Not In Our Name -- the National Hour of Non-Compliance
1 Feb 03: An Anti-War Day of Awareness & a Walk for Peace/a Dance of the Dead
15 Feb 03: Protest Empty Warheads in Washington! (in solidarity with United for Peace and Justice)
15 Mar. 03: Statewide Anti-War Rally in Columbus, Ohio (assemble at the Blackburn Park near the Mt. Zion Church on Bryden Rd.)
18 Mar. 03: An Anti-War Die-in at the Ohio State Univeristy (15th Ave. and High St.)
21 Mar 03: Protest against the US Invasion of Iraq (at the Federal Building)
24 Mar. 03: A Townhall Meeting on the War on Iraq
31 Mar. 03: Commit to Peace (making a giant peace sign at the Statehouse)
9 Apr 03: Remembering Deir Yassin (15th Ave. and High St.)
13 Apr 03: Candlelight Vigil & Peace Walk
10 May 03: End the US Occupation of Iraq -- Bring the Troops Home Now!
28 June 03: Come Out for Peace Pride!
6 August 03: Commemorate Hiroshima & Nagasaki (with Dave Hawkins, Is Said, Imam Emile Bashir, Harvey Wasserman, et al.)
9 August 03: End the Occupation of Iraq Now (United for Peace and Justice National Day of Action)!
23 August 03: Poor People's March for Economic Human Rights on Washington, D.C.
27 August 03: Press Conf./Lobby against the Occupations: Bring the Troops Home Now!
29 August 03: Banners against the Occupations (Grant Avenue Walk Bridge)
26 September 03: Rally to End